The Ciao! Bow Wow Staff

Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis
Jennie has been with Ciao! Bow Wow since we opened our first store in Rowley, MA. Jennie is a cat-lover supreme, but loves all dogs as well. Jennie takes pride in knowing the features and benefits of our Ciao! Bow Wow products.

Chas R. Walker

Jerri is another dog lover on our team. She is well known for her work with Golden Retriever Rescue. She currently has 3 of them!

Christy Mullen

Anick has 3 Yorkshire Terriers! She is our resident expert on the toy breeds. Anick has had Golden Retrievers in previous years, so she knows and loves the larger breeds, too. Expert advice on fitting coats and harnesses is one of her strengths. She also knows about “picky eaters”… by experience!


Annette was a nurse in the UK before moving to Andover with her family, so her training is in health. She has Chloe, her Havanese and Charlie, her Tabby Cat to “test” foods and supplements. Annette’s insights and advice are appreciated by all of us.