Our Products

Come in and visit us! Dogs and cats are welcome too… and we will always have a treat ready for them.

Products for all your pets:

Healthy and Natural Foods

  • dry food, canned food, refrigerated, freeze dried, dehydrated, and frozen raw

Natural Remedies and Supplements

  • herbal remedies, homeopathic and whole food supplements for relief for pain, diarrhea, ear infections, arthritis, hot spots, urinary tract infections, skin & coat problems and much more

Special Occasion Items

  • seasonal sports gear & holiday accessories, birthday cakes and accessories, wedding / formal attire

For your dogs:

Treats for Any Diet

  • dehydrated and freeze-dried treats, bully sticks, pigs ears, antlers, bones and chews, biscuits, gluten-free and paleo, organic & non-GMO


  • harnesses, collars & leashes, sweaters & coats, carriers, crates, beds, toys, bowls & dining sets, natural, non-toxic cleaning products, brushes & combs, wee wee pads, belly bands, and so much more!

For your cats:


  • dehydrated and freeze-dried treats, bonito flakes, fresh and dried catnip, gluten-free and paleo, organic & non-GMO


  • collars & leashes, carriers, beds, toys, bowls & dining sets, natural, non-toxic cleaning products, all-natural kitty litter, charms & bells, grooming products, scratching posts, and so much more!

For humans:

Gifts for humans

  • gift certificates, unique items made by local artisans, key rings, home decor and holiday gifts.


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