Healthy & natural foods

dry food, canned food, refrigerated, freeze dried, dehydrated, and frozen raw.

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Treats for any diet

dehydrated and freeze-dried treats, bully sticks, pigs ears, antlers, bones and chews, biscuits, gluten-free and paleo, organic & non-GMO

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Natural remedies & supplements

herbal remedies, homeopathic and whole food supplements for relief for pain, diarrhea, ear infections, arthritis, hot spots, urinary tract infections, skin & coat problems and much more.

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Accessories for your dog

Spoil your dog with our gifts from our selection of harnesses, collars & leashes, sweaters & coats, carriers, beds, toys, bowls, and more.

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Special occasion

Have a special occasion coming up? We’ve got just the thing to make your pet look perfect! Or maybe just to get him in gear for game day!

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Gifts for humans

we have unique items made by local artisans, including home decor and holiday gifts.

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