Who is that Kitty in the Window?

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I’m Misha, AKA “The General.”

Yes, I’m a cat and you’ll often see me up at the front desk, helping to ring up purchases. If I’m not there, chances are I’m out back, supervising.

The gang at Ciao! Bow Wow saved me from going to an animal shelter a few years ago. One of our nice customers wanted to adopt me, but I decided to stay here at the store. They need me here.

Misha, the Ciao! Bow Wow catIf you need help deciding which treats are best for your feline companion, I’m the one to ask! I’m more than happy to demonstrate how delicious our healthy treats are.

I will also show you how the cat toys work. The beds are so comfy that I am happy to demonstrate those as well. My grey & white coat and green eyes make me a terrific model for all of our kitty collars.

When I’m not working, I enjoy naps, freeze-dried chicken treats and playing with my favorite toys. It’s a rough life, but someone needs to keep things running smoothly around here!

Be sure to come and visit me soon. I love seeing my friends and making new ones as well.

Ciao! Misha


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