Who is that Doggie in the Logo?



The caricature of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the logo is Mame. She was the original and official spokesmodel and taste-tester for Ciao! Bow Wow.

Mame died in 2015. Years earlier, Melanie and Howard adopted Maude, a beautiful Cardigan Corgi from Wales. Mame groomed Maude for years until she was ready to take over as spokes model. You may see her sometimes at the store.  Maude likes to greet customers and model collars and harnesses. But she’s a horrible taste-tester… What kind of Corgi hates snacks?
Maude from Ciao! Bow Wow
Leo from Ciao Bow WowMame’s job was all about quality control, and Maude has proudly accepted that role in Mame’s honor. Mel’s job is to make sure that everything sold at Ciao! Bow Wow is all-natural, nutritious, and good enough for even humans to eat.In April 2016, Mel and Howard adopted Leopold, a Chihuahua, Long Coat.  Leopold is from Brazil, weighs 5-pounds, and is full of personality.  Everyone is all crazy about Leo and he has been a great addition to the family!

Mel and Howard have 2 Tabby cats, Love Bug and Pinkham. They keep the dogs in check at home. They test all the catnip they can, prefer dog toys to cat toys, and turn their noses up to almost every treat!

Mel says healthy pets make everyone happier. Mame always said if your pet isn’t happy with anything you buy from Ciao! Bow Wow to just let us know. You can email us at Mame@ciaobowwow.com.
Come visit us soon. Bring the dog.



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