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Picture of owners Jeff and Todd

From our family to yours, welcome to Ciao! Bow Wow and Ciao! Meow. Todd, Jeff and Jessie, our precious little schnoodle, have made a commitment to our dog and cat clientele and their families to maintain the highest quality products.  With our amazing team of health coaches we will continue on the foundation of Ciao! Bow Bow and Ciao! Meow to provide guidance and support to families by keeping our community updated on which foods and supplements, i.e. CBD, to feed their pets as well as the finest pet accessories, beds, blankets, and durable toys to enhance their lives. We specialize in helping owners select and fit the best collar or harness for your pet’s safety and, of course, style.

How did we choose to purchase Ciao! Bow Wow / Ciao! Meow? The first and simple answer: the love of our dog Jessie and wanting him to have a long, healthy life.

Second, our desire to own our own business.

Third, the first time we set foot in the store one Sunday afternoon when none of the team knew who we were, we saw the passion and sincerity behind this team.  Every client and family member that walked through the
door meant something to the team, no matter if it was a $1 or $100 dollar purchase: it was about the love of pets. That’s what makes us want to be a part of Ciao! Bow Wow and Ciao! Meow for many years to come.

As our team and Ciao! Bow Wow family grow – Jennie as our amazing Manager, Jerri as our incredible assistant Manager and the supreme team consisting of Annette, Anick, Martina, Marie, Kathy, Emily and Anna Marie, we welcome everyone to the store.  Bring your entire family!  We always have healthy treats and plenty of water bowls throughout the store to wash down the treats.  Our family is growing, and we truly love the work we do every day.

Stay tuned to updates to our website including a blog offering important health maintenance advice, product updates.  You will have the opportunity to ask important questions about your pets health!

A sincere thank you to our clients, families, and friends for the support and dedication to ensure Ciao! Bow Wow and Ciao! Meow stand strong for our community!

Jeff & Todd


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